RDM – helping companies stay safety compliant, protect assets and manage energy, RDM offer a range of over 500 hardware and software products for Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, Building and Energy Control applications. As a pioneer in advocating open control systems at the device level, RDM’s ongoing push for genuinely open protocols, including XML and web services, has helped propel the HVACR controls industry. Fully scalable, RDM solutions operate at any scale of resolution. Giving users the option to monitor and control everything from a single component to building-wide energy use, across a national estate, with thousands of locations and even more devices across the world.

Intuitive stepper module with auto close

Mini intuitive 3 ssr pulse eev case controller

Mini intuitive 3 stepper eev case controller

RDM Catalogue

RDM single phase energy meter


PT 1000 Air Probe

PT 1000 2k Air Temperature Probe

PT 1000 temperature pipe probe

RDM dark stores brochure

RDM UK mercury variants

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