Javac has led the way in HVAC tool technology and is one of the world’s leading manufacturing specialists in vacuum and refrigeration products, designing and building their own brand of recovery and vacuum products for the refrigeration industry.

G21U D Tek Mate

Draper hand tools Javac

G58610 Procharge 100 Charging Scales

JAV 1023 84 JAVAC Edge 2 in 1 Flaring Swaging Tool

JAV 1025 1187 JAVAC Edge Tube Expander Set Spare Heads

JAV 1032 Caresaver

JAV 1033 Care AIR

JAV 1041 Vacuum Gauge

JAV 1061 XTR Pro DV A2L

JAV 1071 JAV 1072 Safe Seal Hose

JAV 1075 Bulldog A2L vacuum pump

JAV 1091 92 93 Oxy Acet Brazing Welding Kit

JAV 1095 96 97 JAVAC Edge Nit Regulator

JTB368 666 JTB364 Tube Benders

Multi Gas Manifolds x5

R410A R32 Manifolds x6

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